Hello. My name is Vera. I'm a 39 years old, Portuguese psychologist currently living in Amsterdam. I am a person passionate about life, people, stories, and animals. From an early age I realized that my life would be destined to help others. About 16 years ago I started a solid and dedicated professional career working in the social and health field in Portugal, a job I always loved to do. Much of my experience comes from training, but above all from contact with patients with various pathologies, namely cancer, dementia, stroke sequelae and other neurodegenerative diseases, which have several other associated comorbidities.

At the same time, my work has always been dedicated to working with families, helping them to face situations of chronic illness, providing them the necessary tools they need to readjust and reorganize themselves emotionally, contributing to a positive and better treatment and better quality of life during the recovery process. During my carreer, I obtained a expertise in psychogerontology and for this particular reason, I love working with elderly people. This is a group frequently affected by "silent" cancerous diseases. It is a privilege to be able to receive and learn so much with this age group and to be able to give important tips on providing the best care to them and their caregivers. Regardless of age, my intervention is based on the biopsychosocial model, a multidisciplinary approach that understands the biological, psychological and social dimensions of each person, always in a humanized line of care, based on principles such as ethic, respect and confidentiality.

As we all know, psychology embraces a huge dimension of areas. In my opinion, all approaches are complementary and important because each person is also unique and special in it's own way, so it is also the humam dimension. That's why, during psychological support, I also like to follow other methodologies and be able to integrate and combine various techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy but also systemic therapy.
I am grateful to join the CCC team.

At any stage of your process, I will be here to support, listen and guide you on the best path, for now, only in Portuguese and English, online or in a personal ajdusted setting in the Amsterdam area. We move foward together! Hope to see you soon!